Time Immemorial

Anatomically modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) evolved in East Africa sometime around 150,000 to 100,000 years ago. Since that time, human migration patterns expanded across the globe. Most archeologists assert that the earliest human migrants to the Americas came from Asia about 12,500 to 10,000 BCE, perhaps as long as 23,000 BCE.


Woody Oral History Interview

Erica Woody

Erica is a senior at the College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Erica interviewed her aunt. Her family roots are in New Mexico (Navajo).

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Anderson Oral History Interview

Melanie Anderson

Melanie is a sophomore at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Melanie interviewed her mother and grandmother. Her family roots are in the northern Midwest (Ojibwe), Syria, Germany, and Norway.

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Time Immemorial